Goldstein, O’Malley, Melendez and Chang
(appearances may be deceiving)


Narkweather Architects’ Incorporated, is comprised of four unheard of, and probably to remain so, architects/fishermen/woman .They have no “mission statement”, not a “chess master” amongst them, and are not even household names. .They listen to their client’s wants, needs and dreams which becomes the “mission,” as no two clients are alike. The Gang of Four (no, not that gang of four) is also cognizant of today’s “green scramble”, along with the adroitly dropped catchwords’ (in English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Irish, Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew) i.e., sustainable, eco friendly, recyclable, LEED, organic, and their favorite, (who makes this stuff up??) “environmentally friendly synthetics”. The Narkweather principals have for the most part eschewed the fads and hot topics, and relied on their “oh so pedestrian motto”, of “common sense” (handed down from some lost race). The following four projects (four only due to potential reader ADD) are examples of bringing to fruition the wants, needs and dreams of their clients. Three structures have been performing for years and one is now under construction.


Saint Francis Cabrini

Office Tower

The Tin House

Saint George

Greek Orthodox Chruch

Concrete House



While the reader will detect some unseasonable jocularity in showing/naming* the four principals, the structures are actual and they are and will be working with/against their specific environments. The four corporate types are usually out of the office, state, country, creating, eating, drinking and travelling. This leaves the office manager (another architect) Charlie Martin, stuck in the California studio. He enjoys no two hour lunches, no vacations, no Aston One-77, and only a small yearly bonus.
If you need, want, dream about a concrete tower in your Iowa corn field, a wooden cannery/residence on piling in Alaska, a rammed earth clinic on a hillside in Africa, or a wind driven office tower where the wind blows, you should write or call... Maybe you’ll reach one of the illusive four; if not, you’ll get the office manager for sure. No matter what your needs thoughts, wants dreams and nightmares are about your own “mission”, the Gang of Four” will respond with “common sense”

Narkweather Architects
St. Kilda, Scotland
the corporate picnic location

There were many serious attempts to photograph all four climbing the corporate ladder. However, with schedules gone awry, one was always out of the country, stuck in traffic, having her nail done or working on the Alderson Drive for the corporate ship.  They will be photographed and fingerprinted as they return to the studio for resupply.